Awana Grand Prix 2016

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AWANA Regional Grand Prix

Oakland Baptist Church

1101 South Harper Road

Corinth, MS

What is an AWANA Grand Prix?

An AWANA Grand Prix is an activity designed to allow a clubber to experience the fun of designing, building (with the aid of a parent or other adult) and racing a small wooden car down an inclined track against other clubbers. The car starts out as a small block of wood and is cut, carved, sanded, and painted into a variety of different shapes and colors. There are limits as to size, weight, and design, but within those parameters, the possibilities are endless as to what the clubber can create. A parent or another adult close to the child are highly encouraged to help the child during the designing and building process, as this is half the fun of the Grand Prix, the adult/child interaction. If a child or adult feels they are all thumbs when it comes to working with tools, some clubs arrange workshops or helpers to share their tools and/or expertise.

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Grand Prix Information Page

AWANA Regional Grand Prix Registration Form


Mission Legacy! Grand Parenting our Grandchildren.


 Legacy Mission Webinar Promo Video



Grandparents have incredible power: they are second only to parents in their ability to influence children. The greatest joy and the greatest passion of a grandparent is a grandchild, yet that passion is unleveraged by the church, and under-resourced by the vast majority of family ministries in America.

It is time to change. Time to harness the wisdom, the resources, the energy, the savvy, and the passion of millions of grandparents – to redouble their efforts to be intentional influencers of our youngest generation. Time to envision churches for grandparenting ministry, and to equip the grandparents themselves to better address their desire to see the generations that follow them live for Christ. This seminar is the beginning…





  • What the Bible Reveals
  • The Private Pains of Grandparenting
  • Defining a Legacy Grandparent


  • Dealing with the Indifferent Parent
  • When Your Adult Child is Just Plain Wrong
  • The Dilemma of Distance
  • Telling Your Story
  • Praying for Grandkids
  • The Legacy Mission Vision


Click on link below to view Webinar to view 3 hour Webinar.

Mission Legacy Webinar: Grandparenting with Influence.